When I started this blog with Dean, my main aim was to bash the internet with everything that frustrated me. Basically, I wanted to speak for all the things youngsters go through these days and create a bridge of mutual understanding between the youth and the adults. One of the main reasons that made me think about writing on the web is a very common phase and yet the one treated with utmost denial, depression. Yes, depression is real. It’s not your regular sad feeling and it definitely can be treated. But first, you have to accept it and understand that there are different levels of this and for each individual, the mode of treatment is different. So before I start, beginner fact, you have to be gentle to anyone who claims to be in depression (which is a challenge because people who go through this aren’t in a condition to realize what is wrong with them). Also, this blog is filled with resource material and links and to understand the gravity of the topic please go through all the details. And if you think I’m talking non sense, please, you may pass.

Most of the cases of depression are seen in the age group of 15-24. One of the main reasons of this is career related pressure. In India, the education system is a rugged factory wheeling down the primitive concepts to generation after generation. There is hardly any room for talent hunt and there is no genuine way for a child to know what his expertise actually lies in. Finally, they end up in the traditional path to major career choices of engineering and medical but quite obviously, they fail to achieve any significant success. Pressured by family and crushed by an already decimated educational structure, students find no way out and get depressed. The statistics of depression in India are horrifying.

How to curb this? Well, I’d like to make an appeal to parents. I’m struggling through a phase myself. I haven’t enrolled into a college yet and my entrance exams are soon approaching. I have witnessed my own mother crying, worried about my future. It has built an annoying pressure. Please don’t do that. Having expectations for your child is okay, just don’t make it so obvious that it shakes up his morale. I don’t think I’m really in a position to say this but I know every person is special and everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life. Don’t pressurize them on their career. At times, we feel like worthless parasites living on your food and money. Let them know that whatever they do in life, they will always be your child and that you are happy to have them in life. I think that’s the essence of a family.

It’s not only the depression that is troublesome. The aftermath of the disorder is even more bizarre. Every person has their limits and it varies. Some students go through too much pressure that they take their own lives. The causes behind this, whatever they may be, are what we should take care of.

For every student dying, there are many others going through different levels of depression.

17 year old Kriti Tripathi jumped to her death. Her suicide note was all that left with her parents and it blows a punch on each one of us.

There are many IIT and medical aspirants who move to Kota each year for preps. Apparently, the real picture at the grounds is a bit bitter than what an education hub should have looked like.

It’s not just distraught aspiring students, such incidents have been happening at IIT-KGP, a major engineering institute of the country. The institute has witnessed 3 suicides this year, and 2 of them in May itself.

The grown-ups have to understand that it’s nothing embarrassing if someone they know is going through a rough time. It’s high time that we understand and give importance to this menace. Because ending your life and “cyanide is love” isn’t worth it. Career isn’t the end of your life, there is a whole set of other things that matter. Hang on, may be you won’t get to study what you want to in a messed up education system but don’t let our curiosity die. Keep learning, you don’t need professor or mentor when you have the Internet. Struggle it out and you will find your rightful place in this world. Don’t give up just yet.

Thanks for bearing with me. Also, please share if you think this issue matters and needs to be discussed as soon as possible.



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